Signature Basic Bibs (red logo)


Signature Basic Bibs (red logo)

The Basic Bib is a pair of bib shorts that will mark a turning point in your cycling experience. Our SIAM Technology chamois developed by Veon Insert places emphasize on comfort during long distance. Providing extra protection and a high density cushion material with a simple but effective design. Ideal response and comfort while riding for four-six hour routes or competitions.

Specifically designed to avoid chafing, our bib shorts feature a multipanel cut and high-compression materials in addition to latest generation suspenders that achieve a perfect fit with minimum product weight. Our Powerlength elastic bands on the legs will make them stay in place during maximum effort conditions, guaranteeing the best experience for high-performance cyclists.

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Quick-dry polyester and elastane fabric that includes UPF 50 rating for full protection against ultraviolet radiation. The Basic Bib does not offer a snackback Pocket like our Super Bib but has all the same comfort.

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